The Painting Process

In creating a painting, Rodgers waits and allows the subject matter to emerge. Dropping any preconceived ideas, the work may begin with a spontaneous drop, slash, or swirl. The painting becomes a journeying into the unknown fuelled with intense concentration. Its’ direction governed by the same creation style of lyric poetry. The culmination is a discovery, a cognitive jump as much for the artist as for those who truly see, experience, and understand the painting. He does not demand “this is so” nor preach to his audience. He expresses through his painting what has happened to him as a being and invites the viewer to participate in his discovery. For Rodgers, a painting is a diary or dialog that is given form. Every once in a while in that form a chord is struck, a realization that he has found something that he wishes to share with others.

“Style is content.” – Wallace Stevens, poet

Rodgers objectively studies every form of expression in design and fine art with a conscious effort to include these forms in his work. His style is openly eclectic; he is not a minimalist in the sense of following an “ism”, yet minimalism can appear in his work. His purpose in art is not to deny or discard in order to find some small truth, but to include all relevant facets of experience thereby allowing the viewer to participate in the whole picture as their subjectivity dictates. Rodgers is being inclusive in his art, not exclusive, and seeks to include the viewer in his discovery.

The art scene is large and varied and includes many facets and points of views on art. Different ways of working demand different ways of seeing and the only true source of inspiration comes from within. Rodgers is eclectic in the fullest sense of the word as reflected in his highly varied canvases. He uses what is necessary to find, rather than seek. Painting by its very nature is experimental and comparison is senseless. Comparison has no place in the world if one lives with integrity of self-expression.


 This website is an Illustration of that multifaceted magic spanning across several dimensions as he continues to strive to upscale people through to the next spiritual reality. Let this be an enigmatic journey to all those who strive for that paradigm shift in their lives.