The buried dog,wall scralls and fools sheaves / The dog overheard the words how defensive ur reveals

how 'conscious' ur while just doing IT is also proven alllways to be the cure [which is Usually far worse than the dis-ease]for the very symptomatic reasons rationals you cannot do what you wish to to elleviate the whatever it IS,that is causing the irritation and discomfort in the know..

INCRIMIDATING since ordinary consciouness only solely[as opposed to soul-ly]sees/views interprets,binarypolarized.[small spectrum narrow tubetunneltimelineinventorytapeloopmemorybankscollective storage recepticle].all things as flawed[needing fixing/repair]and also lacking in some if not all-ways[wheresgod]just BECAUSE consciousnes ITSELF is ragged and not complete.plain and simple see it or .whatever..of course its still gonna remain that simple[ total recall=remember to remember erase the etch-a-sketn clean clear wave tought-form ].now now brown cow.jacknjill.the deeper you dive the higher you fly roots n wings dont forget to remember that the highest[so they say] most exotic stationstate hal/makkam..the most profound of human ideas [lotus] comes from the very selfsamepool.[mud,soup,emptiness ,dark matter].arises from the lowest of the low..most [al]chemical passions.[same energy from sex to supercon]even the freshest fragraces of ideas seem to lose sumbloomassoon as you verbalize it even back to yourself.these perfect conceptions are sometimes the most flawed.never trust a god who takes sides right lorraine!there are just some things that are worth do-ing and making octaves progress from the chordal triad..that are not worth setting out to matter what its called seems to be mostlyhyperbole and can there possibly be ever any wobble in the wiggle room or any freedom for those engaged in the serene dance hypnotically swaying embrace of the DOMINANT/SUBMISSIVE TANGO?whose zoomin who in that who and how dance!dont ask ..!done in a lifeboat on the boot!when does a man /woman living in the dark use and LIGHT the last match?eating things with labels that seem more perfectly commercially happy&content the the eater.con*cessions and gracefull aprreciation.making waves neutral.however unsettling and surprising that may seem ,may be the knowers*ark last ditch only alternative left ..peaceful accord.harmony Oneness.maybe allowing joy to be the final note [goal whatever the competitive min needs to NAME it]peaceinjoy.whats so badaboutthatidea.less commotion in that notion.allcolors to make a rainbowbridgeglow.take it easy.