just saw this spraypaintedgrafitti on a sidewalk in sand by an ancient fictional rogue:Mutate before you die..

for some people,it IS the most fun One can possible have with Ones clothing still on !.and its free!these communiques writen in flowurlike white crystal sand on sieasta dave's sand&sea club beachfront tableau,i find &remind mySelf that because some-thing makes me laugh/you laugh she was laughing they were all laughing..the cats meow the buried dog laughes with me incessantly,does not mean its a joke!even 'fools sheaves'and jibber-ramblins,and oftentimes allegoriacal comments and commentaries..threads of a magic capeteed taopestry weave,that seeming are most immediately humourous and obvious..they may have another intent beconing heralding and do offer a currently current un-used 'portion measure*ment]with regards to the verticle height levity factor,width and depth and the life and times and the times and life.7-D[mentional]satireson MAN's/womb-mans..apparently CORRECT beliefs,whislt others certainly involve parodies on the seeeming -ly correct,this is directly spoken for ordinary man and expresses his /her accepted truths,thenagain One may offer up like same fare in a manner or wordsmithery both inside'Nout & outside n in all in all One may reveal the silliness of the apparent and rather odiusly obvious and then again xpose' the transparency of the silly-ness and even though you may receive injoyment and pleasure on the aural sensesurfaces of my mascehivoiousfrivoliusnessin typescript[new medium for moi']remember such acts as hiiding poison in a rats peanutbutter or cheese,and feeding vitaminsuppliments to pets.....yummmy treats happy sunnySUNdaze.loove to ALLMYFRIENDs..cheers and happy hour re-freshing sipps.smiles.words about words beyond polarizatin and lovelightenment.now now pre now future now now no poof gone again!where did ..go NOW,huh!she was juspumpingas..ad poof we both dis-appeard into blueskiesthinnerair&