guided soul intercommunion-there is no experiment other than a REAL situation!yes words about the beginning..

'the WORD'.everything begins in the mind[even no-mind..not minding..taking note..witnessing.watching the watcher watch..attentive and present in the presence of the present moment .oops goe now..opps gone again.pre-now..prior nature..everything starts in the MIND!healing starts in the mind..who am 'I',Why AM to heal?Where AM "I"*here!realizing "I" am no difference from anybody else no separate Selves..a view*point about the relationship between the physical & the spiritual worlds myriad worlds..worlds within worlds.absent from beliefs and judgemnets skepticism and criticizim..alll ism's..hahah!poof!the conditions that exist[the wildness of now]are all part of the experimant ,natural is proceeding as it oughtta!until one has conceived[i have heard..]of something in the MIND,One is unable to project that thought or a manifestation of that thought-form out into the world.[t.i.n.o.t.=there is no-thing out there!]healing and harmoniusness[is-ness]is really just a process of getting to know OnesSelf[self -rememberring/self-observation.Who Am "I"/Whats behind all this ? the mystery Behind the Trinity=the three-folded riddle..ego-puzzles,koans allegories.the riddle of the sphinx.oral transmissoin,fairy tales .myths symbols metaphors,teaching stories,aphorizzzzzmmss.fingers pointing at .beyond the moon,at the sun behind the sunetcetranandaadnauseaminfinitum]and GIVING UP ANY EGO INVOLVED[EVEN AT THE STATION/PLANE/LEVEL OF SUPREME EGOIST=MASTERGAMER]it is a process of BEING ABLE to become ONE with the MOMENT[poof!]and blend[mesh]with time.making spaceiousness.attention &presence...Breath,even in the face of disunity,doubt,polarization bashing,distortions,deceptions,shame ,blame,GUILT,unwothyness, conflict and voluntary evolution,there are certyain systems of knowledge [yielding understanding and vivifyed crystallized*being]hich can be passed on to make Ones individual search [the finders path.the fruit,the tongue tip taste..the essence,divine person"I"fication] this very body in this very lifetime ..easir and quicker at times,howsoever,these cannot be grasped,learned,perfected,upaya[skillfull means]UNTIL ONE has attained[theres that razors edge again of attainment..dont stop there and get stuck in the bliss]a certain gradation level of spriritual development[the proof is in the puddin'"i"am "I" can "I" wish to be able to...BE SEE &DO!love freedom bliss etc triads and octaves rather than 3-d boxpandoras psyche&stabilized consciouness.we are all on a journey..even if we never leave the room..and so they wait until they are ready to receive.knowing OneSelf is a matter of getting in touch with Ones spiritualty[higher Seld/overself ascended guides,higher guardian angel essential Self etc]it ma be good to be a seeker .buut ..sooner or laterYOU have to FIND something!give a gift back to the world for whoever will accept it an invitation.when we share WE discover unveil reveal a WHOLE new dimension[spirit weithin &without lifes alive inside &outside turn the inside out and make the two ONE.haha once you have the parrotts carrots puppetts or puppettmasters.the dance the master game etc is mutual recirocal harmony]TO OURSELVES.clarity and emtiness begets fullness and emanation shedding lightlove.LOVELIGHTENMENT.suchness.the master key[awarness/forgiveness.oneness,unity in multiplicity,CONSCIOUS LOVE]is to be true to the SELF,the true Self within,and allow and follow that high,clear guidance that impresses us with inspiration and truth..i have heard..we are perfect pure whole and all in and of ONE Spirit,One humanity,One life.celebrate.all love.Once tuned into your higher being,you shall injoy a life of fullfillment and lovelightenment experiences.any dunghill =lotus[forget everyting i write.poof !clouds passing..creme puffs.words about words ARE over*rated..thus i have heard!} choice!just simple IS!is that so!?indeed it..let thy ...whose talking..whose the doer!